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2011 - Toolkit for urban public sanitation projects in Kenya (Version 1.0). WSTF Water Services Trust Fund, Kenya. [429.31 KB]

This toolkit contains the complete set of tools (e.g. drawings, BoQs, management guidelines) that the Water Service Providers (WSPs) need to plan, design, implement, manage, …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 2460 • Downloads: 1564

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2005 - Ecological Sanitation Literature Review. Austin, L.M., Duncker, L.C., Matsebe, G.N., Phasha, M.C., Cloete, T.E. WRC. [2.25 MB]

This literature review forms part of the Water Research Commission project “Strategy for the furtherance of knowledge and good practice of ecological sanitation (ecosan) …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 2137 • Downloads: 129

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2001 - Closing the Loop - Ecological sanitation for food security. Esrey, S., Andersson, I., Hillers, A., Sawyer, R. Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 2000. [1.22 MB]

"Closing the Loop - Ecological sanitation for food security" is a final outcome of a workshop of the same name held in Mexico in October 1999. The workshop brought together …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 923 • Downloads: 16

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