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2010 - Ecological toilets - Start simple and upgrade from arborloo to VIP. Morgan, P. [6.84 MB]

This book comes as a sequel to the earlier work entitled “Toilets that make Compost” in which low cost ecological toilets were described together with the benefits that could …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 1067 • Downloads: 35

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2007 - Toilets That Make Compost - Low-cost, sanitary toilets that produce valuable compost for crops in an African context. Morgan, P. SEI. [6.51 MB]

This book describes how to make a range of toilets that also make compost. The compost is useful in the vegetable garden and can also be used for growing trees. The simplest are …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 945 • Downloads: 36

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2007 - Latrines à compost. Des latrines hygiéniques à faible coût qui produisent du compost pour l’agriculture dans un contexte africain (in French) - Composting toilets. Low cost hygienic toilets which produce compost for agriculture in an African context. Morgan, P. EcoSanRes Programme. [2.35 MB]

Ce livre décrit la technique de réalisation d’une variété de latrines qui, par ailleurs, servent aussi à produire du compost. Le compost est utile pour les jardins potagers …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 1349 • Downloads: 31

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