Conference "Water and Food Security for Latin America", Brazil 2007
The International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation "Water and Food Security for Latin America" was organized by Ecosanlac and the Federal University of Ceará with support of the IWA specialist group. It took place from 26-29 Nov 2007 in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil and became a very successful event and exceeded the expectations of the organizers. During four days, more than 200 local and international participants had the chance to hear and learn in three languages about the existing experiences in ecological sanitation in Latin America and other parts of the world. The conference furthermore offered a poster exhibition, stands with information material on ecosan and demonstration models of urine diversion toilets. It is intended to organize every two years a similar event on sustainable sanitation in different countries of Latin America.
International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation, Dongsheng, August 2007
Project implementers, practitioners and researchers within the areas of urban and rural ecological and sustainable sanitation, organic waste management and agricultural reuse participated in this conference on 26-29 August 2007 in Dongsheng, China in order to share experiences and best practices. The presentations of this conference are available as PDF on the links below.

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