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Ways to join SuSanA

We invite individuals and organisations to join the network, contribute ideas and become active members in the thematic working groups. There are different possibilities and procedures for joining:

1) For persons (individuals) with general interest:

  • Subscribe to the SuSanA mailing list and receive regular information in about monthly intervals about SuSanA's activities

  Subscribe to the SuSanA mailing list

2) For persons who want to become a member of a thematic working group:

  • Register as an individual member of one or more working groups here
  • You will gain access to information on working group processes,  you will become part of the mailing list for that working group, and you can join in discussions on the open discussion forum.
  • You can be active by hosting SuSanA meetings or by organising activities/ events to promote sustainable sanitation

 Become a SuSanA working group member

3) For persons who want to take the lead of a working group:

  • Contact the current working group lead
  • Contact the SuSanA secretariat

Take the lead of a thematic group

4) For person who want to join the SuSanA core group:

5) For organisations who want to join as a partner organisation:

Your organisation should fulfill the following criteria to become a SuSanA partner organisation:
  • Support the aims of the SuSanA (agree to the vision document)
  • Have a website
  • Be willing to insert the "partner of SuSanA logo" on your website (if technically possible) and create a link back to the SuSanA website 
  • Have at least three persons working full time for your organisation
  • Have been a registered entity for at least 2 years
If you do not meet these requirements then the SuSanA membership is probably more suitable for you (see Section 2).

Become a SuSanA partner organisation


SuSanA Partners
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