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How we work

SuSanA is a:
  • coordination platform
  • working platform
  • catalyst - from commitment to action
  • contributor to the policy dialog towards sustainable sanitation
All decisions about SuSanA to date were taken within the SuSanA meetings and documented in the meeting minutes which can be downloaded from the SuSanA website here. A SuSanA core group was formed in mid 2008. It can also take operational decisions outside of the general SuSanA meeting dates.

The SuSanA secretariat and an example of a SuSanA partner organisation

Elisabeth von Münch (GIZ, Germany) speaking about recent work by the SuSanA secretariat in collaboration with partner organisations at the 13th SuSanA Meeting in 2011 in Kigali, Rwanda
Jack Sim from World Toilet Organization, a SuSanA partner organisation, speaking on "sanitation as a business" at the 13th SuSanA Meeting in 2011 in Kigali, Rwanda

Approval of official documents by SuSanA partners

All final drafts of documents produced by the working groups are circulated by the SuSanA secretariat for final comments. Those organisations that do not agree with the contents of a certain document should give brief feedback on the areas of disagreement and the reasons for disagreement and either further editing will take place or if that is deemed impracticable then the option of omitting the respective organisation's logo from the logo set displayed in the document can be taken (not all documents contain the SuSanA partner logo set).
SuSanA Partners
(currently 231 partners)