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Dear SuSanA members and partners

The newsmail informs you about the latest news from SuSanA and the SuSanA partners. This e-mail is sent to 4287 subscribers and contains the following topics:
1.   SuSanA South Asia regional meeting in Bhaktapur, Nepal and side event at SACOSAN V
2.   Feedback on the 17th SuSanA meeting on 31 August in Stockholm
3.   November 19 is World Toilet Day
4.   New page listing research that SuSanA partner organisations are conducting
5.   Update on sharing results from sanitation grants of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
6.   Overview of the new forum features
7.   SuSanA welcomes fifteen new partners
8.   Monthly SuSanA discussion forum digest: What has been discussed?
9.   Sharing Knowledge: New additions to the SuSanA library
10. Upcoming partner events and training courses 

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