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This monthly e-mail informs you about the latest news from SuSanA and the SuSanA partners. This e-mail is sent to 3681 subscribers and contains the following topics:
1.   SuSanA's sixth Anniversary
2.   Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grants now open for discussion on SuSanA forum. Join in!
3.   The world we want! The post-2015 WASH sub-consultation
4.   Make postings by email on the discussion forum
5.   Monthly SuSanA discussion forum digest: What has been discussed?
6.   New features on the SuSanA discussion forum
7.   SuSanA welcomes a new working group lead
8.   New photos on the flickr data base
9.   Sharing Knowledge: New additions to the SuSanA library
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