SuSanA Monthly Webinar 3 - Sanitation Change

SuSanA Monthly Webinar 3

"Of Faeces and Icebergs - Sanitation, Organizational Neurosis and Change"

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The full video recording of June 22th 2016 can be found here.


The presentation aimed to sensitize water and sanitation sector professionals (managers, consultants and scientists alike) for the need to deal in a meaningful way with what is perceived as "resistance to change" in order to sustainably strengthen actors' capacity to adapt to challenges emerging from their environment. Linking the dimensions of the individual, the organization and society at large, it put for-ward an approach of "organizational therapy" geared towards raising awareness and mobilizing organizations' own potentials for overcoming their limitations. Organized around the originally Freudian concept of "introjection" as its central topos, the presentation offered behavioural sciences, anthropological and psycho¬therapeutic evidence to give the approach a firm methodological grounding.


Thomas Rieger - Como Consult