Thematic Discussion 10 - Managing WASH in Schools – Is the Education Sector Ready?

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The 10th thematic discussion focused on the challenges of WASH in Schools (WinS) globally (part of SuSanA's Thematic Discussion Series (TDS))

Focal points of the discussion

The direct links of WinS to SDG3 (health), SDG4 (education) and SDG6 (water and sanitation) pose the chance for increased inter-sectoral cooperation. Thereby, the education sector’s leadership and management are critical to broad-scale implementation and success of WinS. Yet, how is the education sector taking WASH on board and how can the sector manage it? How does the reality look like in schools around the world? What does it take for better-managed WinS? What shifts/changes are necessary to see the situation change?

During the Stockholm World Water Week 2016, working group 7 hosted a meeting on the topic of WASH in schools, followed by a two-week online discussion on the SuSanA forum. The discussion was structured around two themes:

(1) Policy Issues on the Regional and Global Level and

(2) Implementation Level


The Thematic Leads
Coordination and support to the SuSanA secretariat with this thematic discussion was done by Katrin Dauenhauer (Independent consultant), Jan Schlenk (GIZ), and Dominik Giese (GIZ). For any questions, please post on the forum.
The main outcomes of the discussion are covered in the synthesis report.