Thematic Discussion 11 - Integrating sectors

Thematic Discussion 11 - Integrating sectors to address the holistic needs of children - How and when to integrate?

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Integrating sectors to address the holistic Needs for children - How and when to integrate?

Photo: BabyWASH Coalition

The BabyWASH Coalition, made up of over 30 organizations from civil society, funding organizations, the private sector and academia, was set up to explore how best to integrate sectors and break down barriers that hinder collaboration. By prioritizing advocacy, the creation of programme guidance for integration, and the development of integration metrics, the Coalition is advancing the conversation around the benefits and challenges of integration.

Between Tuesday 4 October to Thursday 27 October 2016, the BabyWASH Coalition moderated a discussion about a number of key issues relating to integration between water, sanitation and hygiene; nutrition; early childhood development; and maternal newborn and child health during the first 1,000 days of life.


Topics of the Thematic Discussion

Theme I – Examples of Successful Integration: What examples of success for integration has your organization had in programming? Please provide results and/or case studies from these examples. What failures have you encountered or ways that you see integration can be detrimental? Find Theme 1 here.

  • Thematic expert: Kirk Dearden (IMA World Health) - Sr. advisor for Research and Quality Assurance

Theme 2 – Tools for Integration: What tools already exist to help organizations integrate across the sectors? Post links to the sources in this thread so we can start to build a comprehensive library of all current tools and guidance that we can link to after the discussion. Find Theme 2 here.

  • Thematic expert: Tricia Petruney (FHI 360) - Technical advisor to Integrated Development Department

Theme 3 – Defining the Gaps: What tools and/or guidance do not already exist that would be helpful to have in order to integrate more fully? This discussion will help the BabyWASH Coalition workstreams define where their first priorities will be. Find Theme 3 here.

  • Thematic expert: Emily Mates (ENN) - Technical director / Debjeet Sen (PATH) - Regional specialist ECD & Nut


A comprehensive discussion summary can be found here.