FSM4 Conference - Day 3, Track 3: Industry
Chennai, India

Published in: 2017

Various authors

FSM4 was held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where the State Government has recently initiated measures to address FSM with regard to policy, regulatory changes, innovative solutions, and pilots. FSM4 focused on innovative and practical solutions that can be scaled up, including three tracks: research, case studies, and industry & exhibition.

Below you find the presentations held in track 3: Industry on Wednesday 22 February 2017 in chronological order.

Content - Summary

Industry 3.1: Learning from Research

1. SINDALL, R., “Findings of the shit flow diagram developed for the city of Durban, South Africa”, South Africa

2. FURLONG, C., et al., “Lessons learnt from developing SFDs at scale”, UK

3. SPIT, J. et al., “What is the future of pit emptying and faecal sludge treatment in emergencies”, Netherlands

Industry 3.3: FSM Measurement & Evaluation

1. KOWSHIK, G. et al., “Management Information System (MIS) for Integrated FSM services in Tamil Nadu”, India

2. SUGDEN, S., “The pit falls and problems of monitoring a growing pit emptying process”, USA

3. SCHOEBITZ, L. et al., “ Monitoring Safely Managed Sanitation in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – Experience from Uganda”, Switzerland

Industry 3.4: FSM Finance & Marketing

1. AUERBACH, D., “Encouraging Participatory financing for scaling urban sanitation solutions in growing cities”, Kenya

2. SPIT, J. et al., “VIA Water Innovations: marketing of faecal sludge valorization endproducts and how these products contribute to a successful sanitation chain”, Netherlands

3. SHAH, G. et al., “Development Impact bonds for faecal sludge treatment”, USA

4. FELGENHAUER, K. et al., “Enabling Viable Public-Private Partnerships in Resource Recovery and Reuse for Improved Faecal Sludge Management”, Ghana

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