FSM4 Conference - Day 2, Track 3: Industry
Chennai, India

Published in: 2017

Various authors

FSM4 was held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where the State Government has recently initiated measures to address FSM with regard to policy, regulatory changes, innovative solutions, and pilots. FSM4 focused on innovative and practical solutions that can be scaled up, including three tracks: research, case studies, and industry & exhibition.

Find below in chronological order the presentations held in Track 2: Industry on Tuesday 21 February 2017

Content - Summary

INDUSTRY 2.1: Tools & Planning

1. SONKO, E. M., STRANDE, L. “Tools for FSM planning in small towns: case study of Bignona, Senegal”, Senegal

2. BLACKETT, I. et al., “Tools for the assessment and development of sustainable city-wide FSM services”, UK

3. BRUECKNER-SUPRIYONO, M. et al., “Cooperation AIT and BORDA – on the application of FSM Toolbox in project cities”, Indonesia

INDUSTRY 2.2: Technology Innovations – From the Field Session I

1. SOLANKI, R. et al., “SimpliSafi: an off-site sanitation system that vertically integrates waste collection and sludge processing for informal settlements”, UK

2. SOHIER, L., “Bio-solar purification – a new process to treat domestic wastewater and to turn water and wastes in a safe reusable form”, France

3. FRANCIS, G. et al., “Biomass Steam Processing (BSP) – Conversion of Biomass to Coal by Steam Conditioning”, Germany

INDUSTRY 2.3: FSM as Business

1. SINGH, S., SINGH, A., “Business Model development for FSM insights from Bihar, India”, India

2. SAUER, J., et al., “Improving Practitioners Knowledge of Market Development Approaches for Use in FSM Programmes”, UK

3. RATH, M., TCHELET, S., “The Blue Water Company:Operating and Maintaining City-scale FSM systems”, India

INDUSTRY 2.4: Technology Innovations – From the Field Session II

1. RAMAMOORTHY, R., “Onsite Domestic Wastewater Treatment using a modified septic tank-effect of hydraulic mixing on pollutant removal”, India

2. PRITT, S., “Low-cost pre-cast toilet designs”, Uganda

3. FORBIS-STOKES, A. et al., “Three years of field experience piloting the anaerobic digestion pasteurization latrine”, USA - NOT AVAILABLE

4. OSBERT, A. et al., “DEFAST: From research to market”, Uganda

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Various authors (2017). FSM4 Conference - Day 2, Track 3: Industry - Chennai, India.


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