Preparing City Sanitation Plan
Trainer's Manual

Published in: 2016
Pages: 108


Walther, D. et al.

This training programme is a unique blend of training courses for participants coupled with additional handholding support through various mechanisms in a step-wise manner. This is a distinguishing feature from other stand-alone training programmes and ensures that the participants are themselves capacitated through the training. Handholding support leads to transfer of knowledge on the ground for achieving actual change in their respective cities.
This training programme has been divided into two parts: the fi rst part ‘Introducing City Sanitation Plans’ gives an overview of the CSP process highlighting its importance, relevance and work-frame. The City Sanitation Plan
(CSP) Preparation and Handholding Training is the second part of this training programme, giving practical insights into the actual preparation of the CSP. Ecosan Services Foundation (ESF) has been deployed for developing the present training manual for trainers who will act as facilitators for the CSP Preparation Training and Handholding Programme. Th e present manual is designed for trainers covering the second part of the training consisting of 3 rounds of

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Walther, D. et al. (2016). Preparing City Sanitation Plan - Trainer's Manual. GIZ


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