Universal slum sanitation with 100% safe reuse of nutrients
Various documents on results from research grant

Published in: 2013

SuSan Design, Norway

Gjefle, K.

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This library entry contains background documents and results for a grant that Karsten Gjefle is leading and which is funded by the WSH Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the Grand Challenges Exploration (GCE) Round 6.

Further information and a discussion is available on the SuSanA discussion Forum, see link below.

The goal of this project is to design and test a low-cost system to rapidly turn human excreta into pathogen-free compost for use as fertilizer for farmers.

What is the SuSan concept?
We utilize research from agricultural sciences and industrial/service design competencies to improve products and implementation strategies. Susan Design strategy is to create turnover by returning the nutrients from human excreta as a safe agricultural input for farmers. Amplifying the demand amongst farmers will generate incentives for establishment and operation of sanitation services (toilets=production units). In order to offer sanitation services, Susan Design will develop and manage a value chain with the tools/products necessary to run the business, such as low cost household sanitation products, urban public- and school sanitation units, storage- /transport containers, treatment process and application tools/services for the farmers.

How does it work?
SuSan Design upgrades human excreta from pathogenic material to safe agricultural fertilizers and soil improvers in 45 days. SuSan Design will partner with communities, governments, NGOs and impact investors to set up rational, functional and dignifying public toilet facilities in urban areas and peri-urban areas, schools and refugee camps. We set up a viable and comprehensive franchise to operate all the elements in the system.

Where is SuSan implemented?
SuSan Design development and first implementation has taken place in Uganda 2011/2012. The project proved that we are able to produce safe fertilizer and soil improvement products in 45 days. The treatment system is a low tech design easy to scale up.


The documents available for download below include:
- Short description about SuSan Design
- Presentation and paper from the FSM-2 Conference in Durban, South Africa (October 2012)

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Gjefle, K. (2013). Universal slum sanitation with 100% safe reuse of nutrients - Various documents on results from research grant. SuSan Design, Norway

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