In the sanitation and development cooperation sectors technical terms and abbreviations are often used which make it difficult for newcomers to follow. This page offers a list of the most used abbreviations and their meanings.

    ABR - Anaerobic baffled reactor
    BMGF - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    CLTS - Community-led total sanitation
    CW - Constructed wetland
    DEWATS - Decentalized Wastewater Treatment System
    FSM - Fecal (or faecal) sludge management
    MDG - Millennium Development Goal
    MHM - Menstrual hygiene management
    NGO - Non-governmental organization
    O&M - Operation and maintenance
    ODF - Open defecation free
    SDG - Sustainable Development Goal
    UDDT - Urine diverting dry toilet
    WASH or WaSH - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

A full list of sanitation-related abbreviations could be found in Wikipedia, click here (you are very welcome to add to the list!).

For technical terms of the sanitation system we point you to the glossary of the Eawag-Sandec Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies.

You could also use Wikipedia itself as a glossary. The sanitation-related content on Wikipedia is getting better and better all the time thanks to the activities of countless volunteers and the WikiProject Sanitation since October 2014.

Wikipedia also has dedicated glossary pages, see here.