WASH Impact Network


“There is ample evidence that the best solutions to challenges in the developing world are being designed by innovators and entrepreneurs that live within those communities.”

The WASH Impact Network is an initiative from Results for Development (R4D) to understand the needs of WASH innovators in India (and East Africa), and what factors accelerate or impede new idea uptake. The Network delivers resources and learning opportunities tailored to the innovators' unique needs.


The WASH Impact Network believes that the best WASH innovations come from the communities affected by inadequate WASH provisions, but there are often barriers innovators face in implementing new ideas. The goal is to understand these barriers, connect innovators to each other for peer learning, and connect them with other resources and learning opportunities to help them increase their reach.

  1. Define Barriers innovators face in implementing new ideas through a needs assessment.
  2. Gather insights on the learning and innovation process for organizations in the Network, focusing on how to overcome the barriers and identify the ‘active ingredients’ that lead to success.
  3. Share solutions with the members of the Network and the broader international development sector.
  4. Track progress within the Network.

Regional Partners

R4D works closely with two regional partners (one in India and one in East Africa) to provide capacity development and learning opportunities to the group of more than 130 innovators in the WASH Impact Network. In India, R4D's partner, Dasra, engages with the group of 49 WASH not-for-profit, hybrid and for-profit organizations that operate in India.
Please find more information of the WASH Impact Network's activities in India (and East Africa) on the WASH Impact Network webpage.
If you wish to join the WASH Impact Network, or recommend an organization that you know to join the Network, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.



Thematic Discussion - April 2016

Results for Development Institute, the Millennium Water Alliance, and Dasra are hosting a thematic discussion as part of their work with the WASH Impact Network: a group of over 120 WASH innovators across India and East Africa.

To join the discussions or read the summary, please visit the SuSanA Forum