Thematic Discussion- Swacch Bharat Urban

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On the way to a “clean India” – 2 years of Swacch Bharat Mission (Urban)

The second thematic online discussion held under the umbrella of the SuSanA Indian Chapter ran from 4 September - 5 October 2016 on the SuSanA Discussion Forum. This disucssion followed up the star to the thematic online discussion about Swacch Bharat Gramin (rural) Mission from August 2016.

Under the title "Makers and Shakers of Urban Sanitation: Unthinking the Debate" the following topics were discussed:

  • needs of proper definitions and more data
  • technological options in cities
  • capacity building in communities
  • institutions involved in urban sanitation

Several Indian experts took part in this discussion with 12 detailed posts from SuSanA members. A summary document of the discussion is provided here.