Regional Chapters


The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is a global network with individual members and partner organisations from more than 155 countries. In order to better connect SuSanA to the regions and local needs and to make SuSanA knowledge products and services more accessible “on the ground”, the SuSanA core group has proposed the development of regional chapters for SuSanA.

Through SuSanA regional chapters SuSanA knowledge products, community and learning services will be better accessible and more effective to local sanitation practitioners in the regions. Local members and partners will benefit by using SuSanA as a sounding board and by better connect and exchange with other organisations from the region.

Feedback from different regions will be fed back into the global alliance and helping to make SuSanA products and services better targeted and adapted to the needs of local users.

Objectives of a SuSanA Regional Chapter

The expected outcomes of SuSanA's regional chapters are:

  • SuSanA knowledge products, community and learning services have a larger impact “on the ground”, by adaptation to local needs
  • SuSanA members and partner organisations in the region exchange knowledge, network and cooperate within the region
  • SuSanA members and partner organisations increase impact and efficiency of their work in the region (e.g. on advocacy) by combining their resources and avoiding duplication of efforts while using SuSanA as a sounding board and its global reach  for dissemination.

How to contribute:

SuSanA regional chapters are open to all SuSanA partners and members and other sector-relevant organisations that are interested to contribute to an SuSanA regional chapter. The SuSanA offers its existing structures as an elaborated knowledge management hub and place for vibrant discussions to its chapter partner. SuSanA partners contributing to a regional chapter are free to decide which tools and services they would like to use and to what extent they are included in their respective homepages.

To ensure smooth running of the tools, regional chapter partners have to ensure that enough resources are made available for the management and maintenance of the used tools.

SuSanA Indian Chapter

SuSanA's first regional chapter has been set up for India.


SuSanA MENA Chapter

SuSanA's second regional chapter has been set up for MENA.