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The GGI promotes organic, compost based, no-dig gardening and farming. We believe in a strong link between healthy soil and human health. Over the years, the organisation has conducted experiments and growing trials to further their knowledge of how to grow the most nutritious and wholesome food. Our pioneering methods suggest we are growing food with more beneficial nutrients than anything grown or eaten in the UK since records began in the 1930s.Our research and education projects, tracking the flow of nutrients from soil to plant, have all led us to the same conclusion: that there is no better method than to follow nature.Since 1995 we have promoted DRY, Ecological Sanitation methods using the HH-3 compost toilet system in conjunction with the HH-2 Superfast composter units. This system prevents drinking water being polluted by waterborne sanitation, which the WHO (World Health Organisation) state as being the biggest cause of death on the planet.


  Richard Higgins

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