Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles (TT) works within the Commercial Textile Industry Sector. TT's primary mission is to: Redeem Waste to Transform lives.

One of the primary products TT currently focuses on is Sanitary Wear, Creating the EVA brand.

The mission of EVA-wear is to: Empower young women by providing dignity via affordable, accessible menstrual products that keeps them in school and increases their employability and productivity.

What makes this Brand different from other menstrual reusables and how it is manufactured?

The raw costs of fabrics for a 2-3 year solution, branded EVA (2 underwear, 2 leak-proof shields, 6 liners, carry/storage bags) are kept incredibly low as excess fabric generated from other mass garment manufacture is utilized, for a landed cost staying at approx $5/kit (when purchased by Container load ~21,000 kits). With additional 65% margins reserved for marketing, distribution and M & E, the retail price remains around $9/girl for a 2-3 year solution. Products are modular in design, allowing for smaller upfront purchases from a wide spectrum of re-usable/hybrid choices.


  Rachel Starkey

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