x-runner Venture

x-runner Venture brings lasting and responsible sanitation to urban homes in Lima that do not have toilets.

X-runner brings stylish waterless toilets and a weekly poop collection service to families that cannot have regular toilets and that want to improve their health, housing and lifestyles. X-runner ease customers’ daily lives and create a cleaner, healthier environment for the entire family.
The x-runner toilets have been created with the customers for the customers: The resources-separating toilets allow for a clean and safe collection of excrements. They work without any water or chemicals: just a handful of sawdust is enough to bind bad smells and gases.
X-runner’s customers subscribe for a monthly fee to the poop pick-up service that replaces the families’ full toilet waste buckets with clean ones. The full containers are then transported to the x-runner service hub where the buckets are emptied and the content is treated in a composting process. The used buckets are cleaned and disinfected for future service rounds.


  Jessica Altenburger


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