JADE (Japan Association of Drainage and Environment)

JADE is Japanese originated NGO has been working in Bangladesh since 2004. Full meaning of JADE is Japan Association of Drainage and Environment. JADE has set the goals for the activities in Bangladesh, giving the highest priority on the benefits of local people, applying locally appropriate technology by adjusting the technology with local condition and raising motivation of local stakeholders. In Bangladesh JADE has initiated its mission with introducing ecological sanitation as pioneer in 2004. By this time JADE has able to demonstrate ecological sanitation as one of the sustainable options of sanitary management in Bangladesh perspective. Its contribution proven enormous to conserve environment, improve public health and boost up economy. However, for holistic benefit of environment JADE has focused on conservation of surface water bodies to make it safe from pollution through solid and liquid waste management along with ecological sanitation. This approach is another sustainable alternative of drinking water supply by mitigating arsenic of groundwater. As a whole JADE is specialized on the issues related to drinking water and sanitation which is supported by eco-friendly technologies. Its expertise is enriched with capacity building, implementation, dissemination, research and development.


  Tofayel Ahmed


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