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Banka BioLoo Pvt Ltd, having its roots in Banka Enterprises – a firm committed to environmental betterment, is keen to eradicate open defecation. Using the patented bio-digester technology, and its various applications, we are a human waste management company. Our offerings include bio-toilets for families, public toilets and toilets for primary schools, bio-tanks for Railways and other clients, bio-digesters for bio-toilets and bio-tanks, conversion of septic tanks to bio-tanks.


Bio-digester Toilets: Sustainable Solution to India's Sanitation Challenge
The bio-toilet consists of an easy to install super-structure, a multi-chambered matriced bio-tank that holds the bacterial culture and supports the treatment of human waste. It is an eco-friendly bio-toilets (or bioloos) solution.

Duration: 2012 - now

Sanitation facilities in India are alarming with over 600 million people (half of India's population) having no access to toilets. People are forced to defecate in the open. This poses health hazards, raises environmental concerns and leads to water contamination. This is coupled with the Indian […]

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