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Considering the present scenario of potable water, we as a industrialist felt that we should contribute to save the environment by providing/manufacturing such a sanitaryware which consumes less water. In the open market these type of sanitarywares were not available and hence we have started manufacturing Ceramic Rural Pan, 20 mm Water Seal P-Trap.

We are involved in Sanitation since 1986 and we are making necessary changes in the design as per Rural condition and durability of our products.
Sanitation is a way of life as it helps in keeping the humanity in the best state of health. Over 80 percent of households in rural India and more than half in urban areas lack access to sanitation. With proper disposal of human waste, many of the sanitation related diseases could be minimized. Most cities and villages in India face serious threat socially as well as water management systems. Where conventional waterborne sewerage systems exits, human wastes are flushed away with huge amounts of scare fresh water, is polluting rivers and the drinking water sources. To overcome this problem, many countries have made a paradigm shift to provide sustainable sanitation called Ecological Sanitation “Eco San”.


  Rashesh Sompura

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