Architectural Environmental Strategies

Architectural Environmental Strategies is a non-profit organization working within the field of architecture, planning and sustainable development. The projects we engage in range from interdisciplinary academic work through studies in the field, to practical action such as constructing sustainable buildings in communities in developing parts of the world.

We work always with the objective to develop projects and strategies not for, but in collaboration with local communities, and our methods aim to promote self-sufficiency, to adjust to local cultural contexts, and in building, to use sensible and sustainable building techniques and materials. We work in a participatory manner, placing the objective of social responsibility on part of professionals before any economic profitability.

We have the principles of human solidarity at the core of our ideas, and work alongside local governments and public institutions, striving to raise awareness, promote discussion and share knowledge and experience among all included parties. Through the local actions we take part in, we strive to contribute to sustainable livelihoods on a global scale.

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Working Fields

We have designed and built composting toilets in Fiji, South Pacific. The projects have focused on low tech, easy to build on site design, with the use of local materials and building techniques.

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  Anna Sundman

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