Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the part of Eram Group which has a proven track record in multifaceted activities ranging from Engineering, Infrastructure Development, Clean Tech, to Information Technology, among various other key sectors. We seek to go beyond the conventional thinking and traditional standards to a pro-earth approach. Eram Scientific is the venture that aims to develop innovative and utility solutions by combining cross platform technologies and domains.

We are a Social Enterprise, positioned in a niche market for developing socially relevant solutions. The key project of the Company is in the sanitation front with India’s First and Only eToilet, the Electronic Public Toilet. The Patent Pending eToilet incorporates a full cycle approach in sanitation using technology where all activities involving starting the unit, entry, usage, cleaning, exit, water levels, monitoring and control are automated using electronics, mechanical, web-mobile and digital technologies.

“Designed Thinking at its best!” is what Eram Scientific Solutions thinks and practices. Innovation is the hub of our thinking and action and our Research Lab works around the creativity of all team members and resource persons to develop solutions that are useful for enabling better living. Utility and the obvious benefit to the society are in the forefront when the sparkle of a solution enters our thought-process.




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