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Project year: 2017

Emergency WASH Response for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Population (Bangladesh)

Provide emergency WASH services in Ukhia and Teknaf sub-districts of Cox’s Bazar.

Activities relevant to sanitation include: - Community Toilet installation - Households Toilet installation with dual chambers - Pit emptier wages - Pumps, fittings & fixtures for emptying pits - Three wheeler tankers with pump for emptying of human sludge - Distribution of Hygiene packages and procurements of hygiene kits

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2017 - 2018

Climate Resilient Sanitation Facilities at School (Bangladesh)

Project will provide resilient sanitation & hygiene with adequate knowledge and capacity for management, maintenance and adaptation in 20 schools in shyamnagar Upazillas of satkhira district along with artificial recharge system to enhance groundwater rec

Key Activities include: 1. Installation of sanitation complex at school 2. Rennovate latrine including MHM facilities 3. Installation of Soak well for water management 4. Orientation SMC, teachers on Handwashing 5. Hygiene training for informal group 6. Campaign on hand washing at school 7. Orientation SMC, teachers on MHM 8. …

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2016 - 2019

Boane WASH Sector Strengthening Project at Municipality Level (Mozambique)

The aim of this project is strengthened capacity of stakeholders to plan, manage and implement effective WASH programs on an equitable and sustainable basis.

WaterAid seeks to: - Develop annual implementation plan at the municipality. - Form WASH multisector thematic working groups. - Develop municipality capacity to coordinate multi-sector platforms. - Facilitate thematic WASH discussions during the WASH forms. - Hold multi-sector forum meetings regularly. - Hold City Wide Master Plan …

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2015 - 2017

High Impact WASH Program

Construction of village water supplies, hygiene promotion at village and school level, and implementation of CLTS. Advocacy activities at the district level.

1. Hygiene promotion in 7 villages and 4 schools. 2. Installation of gravity flow schemes. 3. Implementation of CLTS. 4. Mass celebrations on global WASH days including Global Handwashing Day, World Water Day, World Toilet Day, World Breastfeeding Week, International Day of the African Child and World AIDS Day. 5. Training on management …

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2017 - 2020

WASH in Schools (at secondary schools in Bangladesh)

Development and demonstration of a comprehensive WASH in schools model at secondary schools in Bangladesh, and promotion of an inclusive WASH learning environment for girl students at secondary schools in 2 upazilas.

1. 12 Improved toilets installed at schools. 2. 24 existing school toilets renovated to become inclusive sanitation facilities. 2. 36 Handwashing facilities installed at schools. 3. 78 Hygiene Promotion campaigns organised at schools. 4. 390 Menstrual hygiene management sessions organised at schools to promote MHM amongst adolescent girl …

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2015 - 2018

Tokke Kutaye Woreda and Babich Town WASH project (Ethiopia)

Improving access to WASH facilities in communities, schools and health facilities. Capacity building of the government woreda and town WASH teams for sustainability and scaling up of services.

1. Construction of gender segregated and inclusive latrines for Babich health centre. 2. Construction of gender segregated and inclusive latrines at five schools. 3. Establishment of WASH Centres (each including a public toilet, shower and a sanitation materials production and selling point) run by MSEs (micro and small enterprises). 4. …

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2016 - 2019

Using EcoSan toilets for enhanced health in Bugesera District, Rwanda

Piloting EcoSan toilets in 2 communal villages

This project pilots EcoSan toilets in 2 communal villages. These are ‘model villages’ from which the technology will be promoted for replication. The compost is used as fertiliser in order to improve agricultural production. 1. Train local technicians in the building and maintenance of Ecosan toilets. 2. Conduct the community process …

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Project year: 2017

Improving public toilets to serve human dignity and better public health (cities of Dhaka and Chittagong)

Promoting a new era of public-private partnership and establishing a sustainable management model

Community toilets in the cities of Dhaka and Chittagong are showing serious signs of negligence and are not well managed. This innovative project is promoting a new era of public-private partnership and establishing a sustainable management model. 1. Construction of 1 toilet blockwith an inclusive design and handwashing facilities. 2. …

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2017 - 2020

FSM - Small Town Project

A municipality-led approach to mitigate the FSM challenges of the town. Research and technology development on the treatment and re-use of human and solid waste as an organic co-composting products. Creation of business opportunities.

Promotion of sustainable and safe collection and transportation of human and municipal waste. Environmentally-friendly faecal sludge treatment technology to convert municipal waste to resources will be scaled up. The use of organic agricultural inputs (co-compost) will be promoted and organic agricultural products will be produced. …

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2016 - 2018

Demonstration of a decentralized and sustainable FSM solution in a low-income resettlement colony in Delhi

To develop and demonstrate a technically, economically, and socially effective and viable FSM management model for low-income settlements of Delhi and other similar urban areas in India

The project aims to demonstrate a small-scale pilot of a viable and sustainable decentralised FSM solution in an urban low-income re-settlement colony in Delhi. In future, the proposed project intends to provide technical advisory support to the Delhi Government to facilitate adoption of such practices in similar low-income high-density …

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2014 - 2019

20 Towns Capacity Development Project

Increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of WaSH service provision in twenty towns through strengthening the capacity of towns’ Utilities and Municipalities by implementing a model capacity development project.

The main approaches are Partnership and Experience sharing, learning and networking within the nation and outside Ethiopia. Activities include: - Standardization of manuals and guidelines - Refresher training on Asset Management - Support citizen engagement - Refresher training on Business Planning - Training on Waste Management Plan …

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2016 - 2018

Achieving universal access to adequate, sustainable and equitable sanitation services

This project aims to identify which service delivery model to apply where and at what scale for universal access to sanitation in an urban location. A Babati town-wide sanitation and hygiene adaptive master plan will be developed.

A cross-sectional study using both qualitative and quantitative methods will be applied to understand: 1) what motivates and drives people (households) to invest in and improve sanitation and hygiene practices in an urban context; 2) what drives institutions (government, donors, NGOs, authorities), and private sectors to invest and/or improve …

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2015 - 2018

Building Entrepreneurship for Water/Liquid/Solid Waste Management in Slums of Dar es Salaam

Developing water, sludge and solid waste services in Temeke municipality through building entrepreneurship skills of service providers, developing appropriate technologies and setting up financing mechanisms to enable the enterprises to be profitable.

Activities relevant to sanitation (Objective 2): Conduct community awareness on the importance of faecal sludge management in the 3 wards. Establish 3 waste enterprises with select community members Provide enterprises with soft loans to be returned by the project end (3 years) at the rate of inflation interest-rates Support enterprises with …

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2015 - 2018

Ensuring girls’ rights through school-based WASH and improved menstrual hygiene management in Pakistan and Nepal

Supporting 38,028 school children and teachers gain access to inclusive WASH services, enhancing gender equality in 110 schools in Nepal and Pakistan.

WaterAid will support 38,028 school children and teachers gain access to inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services, enhancing gender equality in 110 schools in Nepal and Pakistan. Women and Girls at school and 9,500 members of the community will be empowered to manage menstruation hygienically and with dignity. This will include …

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2015 - 2019

Healthy Start: Global advocacy project on integration of WASH with Health and Nutrition for improved baby and child health

Advocating for access to water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion to be integrated into health policy and delivery locally, nationally and internationally

WaterAid’s four-year advocacy priority (2015-2019) focused on improving the health and nutrition of newborn babies and children. We are doing this by advocating for access to water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion to be integrated into health policy and delivery locally, nationally and internationally.

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2013 - 2019

Campaigning for sanitation in Ghana, India, West Africa and the US

To elevate sanitation as a national, regional and global political priority and strengthen accountability for related political and financial commitments at all levels, with a focus on West Africa, Ghana, India, and the US

While high-level political WASH commitments are in place globally, regionally and nationally, a number of barriers exist which exacerbate the struggle to turn policy and commitments into operational and actionable plans, and these in turn into improvements in access for the poor and marginalized. In alignment with existing African and South Asian …

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2012 - 2016

Sustainable total sanitation in Nigeria

To improve the effectiveness, efficiency, inclusion and sustainability of total sanitation approaches for the poor and underserved in Nigerian states and contribute to national and regional good practices.

WaterAid seeks to: Achieve and sustain Open Defecation Free (ODF) status at the community and household level; Embed best practices derived from project implementation; Undertake formal research to understand the effectiveness of community-led total sanitation (CLTS), which is a community mobilization intervention, as well as sanitation …

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