Difaf's mission is to identify and assess activities that impact water and environmental systems, to design, implement and monitor engineering and management solutions, and to promote appropriate technologies and sustainable methods for natural resources restoration and conservation.

Difaf is a consultancy and technical design bureau born in 2014 in Lebanon from a team of engineers, natural scientists, and policy experts. We are eager to deliver proficient cross-disciplinary work tailored for resilient localized successes. Difaf bridges the gap between science and policy, and to deliver measurable and direct improvements in water and environmental resource management.

With an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach, Difaf targets sectors where activities have the highest degree of impact on the hydro-environment such as: fresh water resources, wastewater, agriculture, solid waste, and energy. Whether working with municipalities and local actors, or with central government and international NGOs, Difaf employs proven participatory methods and communication skills resolving challenges that would harmonize bottom-up and top-down development goals.

Water connects us all! Our services are range from simple prefeasibility studies to complete turn-key projects, useful on both the micro-level (individual farmers, households, landfills) and macro-level (river basins, watersheds, aquifers).

Difaf is ready to procure and design solutions for:
- Fresh water resources management systems: water retention landscaping, reservoirs & hill-lakes, rainwater harvesting, aquifer recharge, sediment filtration, treatment & reuse
- Decentralized wastewater treatment & management systems: aerobic & anaerobic small & medium scale, natural treatment (wetlands), DEWATS, drainage, sludge & hazardous waste
- Conservation agriculture: water-wise irrigation, aquaponics, integrated pest management, bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides, and permaculture techniques
- Environmental methods: biogas systems, solid waste sorting & recycling, composting, energy efficient systems

Difaf is ready to provide technical services that include:
- Water and land use mapping, sampling, analysis, modeling, and monitoring
- Wastewater mapping, sampling, analysis, modeling, and monitoring
- Hydrological and hydrogeological investigations
- Watershed and river basin modelling and water balance calculations
- Pollution load and contaminant flux measurements
- Soil investigations and geotechnical assessments
- Environmental flow assessments (rivers and streams)
- Waste characterization and mass balances
- Environmental Impact Assessments / Strategic Environmental Assessments
- Biodiversity (bio-index) assessments
- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) technical assessments
- Water abstraction tests
- On-site and offsite technical training on SoP's
- Technical designs and shop drawings


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