Whave Solutions

Whave Solutions is a non-profit Ugandan WASH Service Company, working with local and central government to build a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approach as a sustained systematic solution to WASH issues. We have established structures and financial incentives for preventive maintenance of rural water supply systems of different kinds, including treatment plants, hand-pumps, and piped systems. We have signed service agreements with over 200 communities and have PPP MOUs in place with five district governments. We have developed solutions to hygiene issues, including effective behaviour change approaches and improved facilities.

Monitoring is a core activity within our PPP approach. Through the period 2013-2016, reliability of water sources in more than 200 communities across five districts is more than 99%, compared to a baseline of 50-70%. This improvement has been sustained for more than three years. Hygiene levels have risen an average 16% from baselines, also sustained over three years, in comparison to the common occurrence of behavioural relapse.


  Adam Harvey


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