“Vent-Choir” is a combination of two words, means, to work in a unique way to establishes cultural dialogue between the choir (The Skilled Group) and the general people.

Established in Oct. 2003, VENT-CHOIR is a Non Government Organization is registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860 which has been involving itself for the betterment and Upliftment of the people belonging to low socio-economic status, especially for the welfare of children in age group of 0-5 years. Through its day-to-day developmental initiatives, it has established itself a common platform of discussion for the people from urban setup in general and people from rural setup particularly by focusing its attention on major thrust area of development sector such as Environment, Cultural, Education, Health, STD/HIV/AIDS and Children suffering HIV/AIDS providing care and support centre services to the needy children and parents, Unemployment and Community Development etc.


  Sandeep K. Banta

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