TaWaSa.Net (Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network)

The Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network (TaWaSa.Net ) is a recently formed network of Tanzanian civil society organisations working in the water and sanitation sector. The network was
officially launched by the Minister of Water and Irrigation, Professor Mark Mwandosya, during Maji Week 2008.
TaWaSa.Net was formed in order to increasing sharing between civil society organisations, promote partnerships between civil society and other sector stakeholders, build the capacity of civil society in the water and sanitation sector, and to strengthen the voice of civil society in national policy debates.

A Tanzanian society in which all citizens have equal access to safe water and improved sanitation.

To strengthen the coordination, collaboration and networking of diverse Tanzanian civil society organizations with all other stakeholders to influence policy makers and implementers and to promote good practices in the water and sanitation sector.


  Mr. Emmanuel Jackson


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