SPACE (Society for People´s Actions in Change and Equity)

Society for People’s Action in Change and Equity (SPACE) is a Not for Profit NGO founded in the middle of 2004. It aims at bringing about sustainable socio-economic changes of the target people (Poor and extreme poor people (Children, adolescent, women and men) from all castes with especial focus to outcastes, socially excluded and ethnic minority groups; culturally bound occupational people, physically challenged and elderly people, street dwellers and working children living in the hard to reach rural and urban areas of Bangladesh) towards poverty reduction. It has specialization in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) promotion with especial focus to ecological sanitation for sanitation solution; low-cost water treatment, waste management; homestead organic farming and improved cooking system. It is also involved in climate change adaptation, disaster risks reduction (DRR), child education, health and nutrition associated with capacity development activities.


  Azhar Ali Pramanik

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