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2011 - 2016
Samagra Waste Management Private Limited
Learning from existing commercial product services (Operating toilet blocks in India with a reward system)

Samagra Sanitation is the first for-profit social enterprise in India that is dedicated to providing access to clean, safe, and reliable community toilet facilities for the urban slum-dwelling poor

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2011 - 2013
Naval Research Laboratory in Washington
Hybrid anaerobic digester-microbial fuel cell for energy and nutrient capture

To develop a low-cost wastewater treatment system comprised of an anaerobic digester that generates organically rich acids to power a microbial fuel cell.

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2011 - 2013
San Diego State University Foundation
Enhanced anaerobic digestion: a sanitation and energy recovery technology (ModAD)

The goal of this project is to modify and adapt an anaerobic digestion system that will treat waste and generate a reliable supply of biogas from the co-digestion of algal biomass and waste.

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2011 - 2012
Livvon LLC
High efficiency, sanitary toilet with sewage treatment

To develop and test a simple toilet with integrated waste treatment that dewaters fecal sludge and decontaminates it of bacteria and helminth eggs, turning it into safe, dry, odorless pellets that can be used for fertilizer or fuel.

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