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2011 - 2015
North Carolina State University
Excrevator - Reliable and hygienic pit emptying system using modified power augers

To modify and test a portable, gasoline powered earth auger that can be used to more efficiently and hygienically empty septic tanks, cesspits and latrines.

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2011 - 2014
Oklahoma State University Foundation
Shear extrusion to treat fecal waste (viscous heating effect on deactivation of helminth eggs)

To develop a small-scale device in which an auger forces feces and other solid wastes device through a die that results in high temperatures and pressure that dewaters the waste and destroys microorganisms.

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2011 - 2015
Fundación In Terris
Earth auger toilet: Innovation in waterless sanitation

To develop several prototypes of a mechanised, pedal-operated, low-cost, easy-to-use, odourless urine-diverting dry toilet (UDDT).

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2011 - 2013
Duke University
Effective sewage sanitation with low CO2 footprint

Provide proof of concept of anaerobic digestion coupled with heat sterilization for a self-sanitizing system for developing communities.

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