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2018 - 2019
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
Eco-natural model for wastewater treatment: innovative ecological design treatment approach for the reuse of wastewater in the Western Desert of Egypt

An innovative project for improving the quality of life in the western desert of Egypt

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2017 - 2020
IWA (International Water Association) »
Water & Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation (WaCCliM)

Towards Carbon Neutrality for the Water Cycle (Mexico, Peru, Thailand)

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2017 - 2018
German Toilet Organization (GTO) »
Regional WASH workshops in or for MENA region to strengthen humanitarian preparedness and response capacity

Strengthening local WASH disaster preparedness and response capacities in order to allow for the provision of appropriate and effective humanitarian WASH services in disaster and crisis prone regions

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2017 - 2020
WaterAid »
FSM - Small Town Project

A municipality-led approach to mitigate the FSM challenges of the town. Research and technology development on the treatment and re-use of human and solid waste as an organic co-composting products. Creation of business opportunities.

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Project ongoing since: 2017
Toilet Revolution »
Inodoros Ecologicos -Dealer for Spain and Portugal

New Website to retail composting toilet and greywater filters in Spain and Portugal

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