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cewas - international centre for water management services »
cewas Middle East

Cewas Middle East is the regional programme of Swiss cewas, an organization focused on entrepreneurship in the water, sanitation and waste sector

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2016 - 2017
WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future) »
Biogas Toilets for deprived families in Uganda

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2010 - 2012
WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future) »
Safe water and sanitation for all in Moldova

Mobilizing citizens and authorities from Moldova to respect and realize the right to access to safe water and sanitation for all

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2014 - 2016
WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future) »
Introducing sustainable wastewater and nutrient management in rural Georgian communities

Reducing pollution of the Black Sea caused by human settlements at the Khobi river flowing into the Black Sea.

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