Events held in 2015

17th Sanitation Community of Practice (SanCoP) Meeting: “The next generation of sanitation professionals - skills gaps & curricula”

The 17th meeting of the UK's Sanitation Community of Practice was held on Monday 14th December 2015 at University College London. The meeting's focus was on identifying the skills required to be a sanitation professional, the skills gaps which are present and the educational programmes which are needed to fill those gaps

The participants of the meetings discussed the current skills gaps amongst sanitation professionals and asked what still needs to be done to address those gaps through education programmes and training opportunities. The event consisted of 5 interactive sessions run by:

  • Brian Reed - WEDC
  • Peter O´Neill - Concern Worldwide
  • Philippa Ross - Atkins
  • Paul Hillman - Chartered Institute of Environmental Management (CIWEM)
  • Alison Parker - Cranfield University



16th Sanitation Community of Practice (SanCoP) Meeting: What can the UK SanCoP bring to the post 2015 SDG agenda? Learning from progress and failure

The 16th SanCoP meeting was kindly hosted by Loughborough University on Monday 27th July 2015 from 1pm to 5pm. The event was entitled 'What can the UK SanCoP bring to the post 2015 SDG agenda? Learning from progress and failure' and was part of theWEDC International Conference. It was open to all SanCoP members and the conference attendees.  

The 16th San CoP meeting discussed how lessons can be learnt from previous progress and failures in the sanitation sector as we move forward with the Post 2015 Sanitation agenda. The event consisted of three interactive sessions run by: 

  • Barbara Evans - University of Leeds
  • Guy Norman - Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor
  • Andrew Cotton - WEDC