Events held in 2013

12th Sanitation Community of Practice Meeting: Assessing and Responding to Risk in Sanitation Planning

19th April 2013, hosted by University College London, London


Synopsis/Attendance List


Review Session

Review from the last SanCoP: "Learning from Failure", Stephen Jones (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Session 1: Setting the scene - Assessing Risk in Sanitation Planning

Setting the Scene, Jonathan Parkinson (IWA)
Setting the scene: Assessing Risk in Sanitation Planning, based on a case study in Maputo, Mozambique, Philippa Ross (UCL and Atkins)

Session 2: Case Studies - Dealing with Risk in Sanitation

Avoiding future WASH failures with climate risk management tools, Julian Doczi (Overseas Development Institute)
A risk assessment of water and sanitation systems in Asuncion, Paraguay, with a risk comparison of centralised and decentralised water treatment methods, Lisa Kowalczyk (University of Leeds)
Simplified Sewerage Systems: Modelling for design optimisation and the assessment of risk, Michael Gormely (Heriot-Watt University)

Session 3: Selecting the most applicable sanitation technology to avoid failure

WASHtech, Alison Parker (University of Cranfield) and Joanne Beale (WaterAid)

13th Sanitation Community of Practice Meeting: Behaviour Change in Sanitation

20th November 2013, hosted by Cranfield University


Synopsis and Attendees


Keynote Speaker

The Key Challenges in Behaviour Change Approaches, Barbara Evans

Session 1: Encouraging behaviour change through sanitation technologies

Our Story for Sanitation Innovation, Polly Garnder (LooWatt)
Presentation, Shruti Drover (GuBank)

Session 2: How to Monitor and Evaluate behaviour change approaches

Reflection on Monitoring and Evaluation for Behaviours Assessment: How to change me?, Mansoor Ali (Practical Action)

Session 3: How Effective are Behaviour Change Approaches? Experiences and Reflections

How effective are behaviour change approaches? Challenges in implementing for safe, sustainability and equity, Carolien van der Voorden (WSSCC)
Achieving a new Social Norm of 'no OD': Influences and results in UNICEF's Community approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS), Rebecca Scott (WEDC)
Behaviour Centred Design for hygiene and sanitation, Val Curtis (LSHTM)