Events held in 2012

10th Sanitation Community of Practice Meeting: Achieving and Sustaining Scale in Urban Sanitation

26th April 2012, WaterAid offices, London


Attendance List



Part 1 - How can we analyse and influence the politics of decision-making for urban sanitation?

Political economy analysis of sanitation: lessons from a multi-country study for the World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program, Ken Caplan (BPD)

Part 2 - How can we advocate for and achieve large-scale financing from antional budgets and development partners?

Use of Performance Assessment System (PAS) to improve sustainable financing of urban sanitation in India, Meera Mehta and Dinesh Mehta (CEPT)
Tracking global and national financing trends for sanitation: key results from GLAAS 2012 report, Sophie Trémolet (Trémolet Consulting)

Part 3 - What role do household and community contributions paly in scaleable financing?

Pro-poor policies and tariff -setting- case study of 6 African countries by CREPA, Practical Action, WEDC, WSUP and the Gates Foundation, Mansoor Ali (Practical Action)
Community-managed revolving funds for toilets at scale - case study of 3 African countries by Homeless International, Rémi Kaupp (Homeless International)

11th Sanitation Community of Practice Meeting: Learning from failure in Sanitation

14th November 2012, hosted by Water, Engineering and Development Centre, Loughborough





Part 1 - Setting the scene: ‘admitting failure’ in development and sanitation

Failing Forward, Ashley Good (Engineers Without Borders - Canada)
Admitting Failure (please see synopsis for more detail), Robert Chambers (Institute of Development Studies)

Part 2 - Sharing case studies of failure

Admitting Failure: Co-developing a system of administration and monitoring for sanitation activities in rural Malawi, Ashley Meek (Engineers Without Borders - Canada)
India's Total Sanitation Campaign, Andrés González (Universitat Politècnica de València / Institute of Development Studies)
Failing slow and fast: Two examples of developing sanitation businesses, Nick Burn (Water for People)

Part 3 - How do we learn from failure?

Small group discussions and participatory exercises led by facilitators from Practical Action, WaterAid, Oxfam and others. (Please see synopsis for more detail)