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Which thematic areas of SuSanA are you interested in?

Join working group 1 to strategically accelerate and influence the capacity development process for sustainability in the sanitation sector.
Join working group 2 to enrich the weak data base on finance and economics - which play a key role in the selection and sustainability of sanitation systems.
Join working group 3 to raise awareness about the energy production potential of sustainable sanitation systems, thereby reducing dependence on imported or fossil-fuel energy sources.
Join working group 4 to develop technological options that make sanitation systems sustainable and improve public health, especially in developing countries.
Join working group 5 to raise awareness about the reuse-oriented sustainable sanitation approach and its prospective contribution to global food security; further, help to promote this approach on a large scale.
Join working group 6 to develop strategies on how cities can adopt an appropriate planning, implementation, and management process that leads towards more sustainable sanitation solutions.
Join working group 7 to raise awareness for community, rural and school sanitation by creating discussion and therewith enhance networking opportunities. Join to work on integrating the specific needs of both men and women in sustainable sanitation, thereby ensuring total acceptance and usability of the systems.
Join working group 8 to combine the knowledge from experts in the field of sustainable sanitation with that of emergency response and reconstruction, for the purpose of promoting and disseminating information on best practice sustainable sanitation systems.
Join working group 9 to help develop an open-source data base on best practices of income-generating sustainable sanitation solutions and to help create global awareness of sustainable sanitation options, and on how to make them more accessible and affordable in the local and global market especially for the poor.
Join working group 10 to discuss and disseminate information on best practice examples of operation and maintenance systems for sustainable sanitation by elaborating fact sheets, case studies, posters and other information materials.
Join working group 11 to create awareness and formulate recommendations for the protection of groundwater through sustainable sanitation.
Join working group 12 to lobby for more rigorous research and policy coherence and to raise awareness for the link between WASH, health and nutrition
Join WG13 to identify, share, and promote new and current methodologies, good practices and cases of behaviour change

Which SuSanA Regional Chapters are you interested in?

Join the SuSanA Regional Chapter India to exchange your knowledge and network and collaborate with other sanitation enthusiasts who are active in India.
Join the SuSanA Regional Chapter MENA to exchange your knowledge and network and collaborate with other actors in the MENA region.